IFA day at the Illinois State Fair

State Fair CANCELLED FOR 2020!


Each year, on the last Saturday of the Illinois State Fair, the Illinois Firefighter's Association and its members man the Illinois Fire Services Association tent. 

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The people that visit the tent are able to gain important fire safety information that would not otherwise have been available to them. Help is needed in the tent every year, for that chance again to teach the adults and children fire safety and fire prevention. That may save some lives. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to share fire safety information for the people of Illinois. I can only give my heartfelt thanks to all the Fire Departments and personnel that help each year. Every one in that tent made a huge difference in the fire safety thoughts of the public that visited the tent that day. 

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If you would like to help at the next state fair, contact the IFA State Fair Conference Chairman Bob Reason by email at [email protected]  at least 45 days prior to the fair so that entrance and parking passes can be mailed in time.