Win Registration and Lodging to Annual Conference

IFA Members Getting “Down and Dirty” Thanks to California Casualty

California Casualty will again be partnering with the Illinois Firefighters Association to cover the cost for four Illinois firefighters to attend the annual IFA Down and Dirty Fire Fighting Conference. The prize included will be registration and lodging for the conference weekend.

The Down and Dirty Conference is an excellent chance to meet other firefighters, learn new best practices and enjoy a little downtime with their fire brothers and sisters.

California Casualty has served firefighters for more than 40 years and has been a partner with the IFA since 2012. We feel that it’s important to give back to the men and women that we serve and are honored to help more IFA members attend the conference.

For more information about California Casualty or to learn how you can register for the Down & Dirty Giveaway, please contact:

Northwest: Justine Sallee (815)608-6326 or

Northeast:  Kathy Smith (630)561-8318 or

Central: Katie Dunn (309)212-2187 or

South: Katelyn Kassel (314) 607-3309 or